Establishing Inclusive Businesses in Kenya

Philip and Levis are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Kenya who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Philip and Levis will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to develop the entrepreneurial spirit among Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities. Through this project, Youth Leaders will create vegetable gardens in their homes, communities, and schools and then establish vegetable stands to sell surplus produce.


Over the course of three months, Philip and Levis will provide trainings in Kisumu on the skills Youth Leaders need to be successful plastic bag farmers and small business owners. After Youth Leaders establish their vegetable gardens, Philip and Levis will train Youth Leaders in the necessary skills to sell the surplus vegetables. Philip and Levis believe that the public interactions from these sales and the personal friendships formed within these businesses will inspire greater social cohesion and respect for people with intellectual disabilities. By providing Youth Leaders with the building blocks to create a small business, Philip and Levis are empowering the Unified Generation to act as models for inclusive leadership in the business sector.