Expanding Unified Activities

Melanie is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Texas who is planning for her Youth Innovation Project to work alongside a group of other Youth Leaders and teachers to expand their Unified Champion School chapter through a Game Day project. Students from organizations like Student Council and JROTC, and various athletic teams will be invited to participate and assist in leading the event. With the help of students from across campus, Melanie is excited to expand the Unified movement and create more inclusion at her school.


Every six weeks, Melanie and her team will lead a Game Day activity. These sport-related activities will be directed by the students and will create interaction between general education students and special education students. Equipment supplied will be used for a variety of activities and change each time the program is lead on campus. Not only will the Game Day events occur during the school day, but they will be available at other school-sanctioned events such as the school’s Fall Festival. As Melanie and her team continue to expand Unified programming in their Champion School, they are excited to see how relationships between students of all abilities on campus continue to form and evolve.


For Melanie, being part of the Unified Generation isn’t just about being active in sports and engaging in related activities. While this is one component, it also means making new friends and finding people who accept you as you are. It is seeing the ability in disability and finding a way to connect with those who are different than yourself.