Expanding Young Athletes in Utah

Boston is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Utah who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to spread Special Olympics Young Athletes to local primary schools and provide teachers with the resources they need to create an inclusive learning environment. Through this project, Boston will expose both primary and university-aged students to the benefits of inclusion. Boston plans to host a Unified Young Athletes Day on the Utah State University campus that will be led by current students at Utah State University. Boston will invite primary school students with intellectual disabilities and their reading partners to attend the event and participate in various Young Athletes activities. After the field day, Young Athletes toolkits will be provided to the primary schools in attendance so they can continue the multi-week program at each individual school and begin their own inclusive physical education programs.


Boston was inspired to create this project by the lack of Unified Champion Schools in his area and by the valuable relationships he has fostered through years of involvement with Special Olympics. Over the course of six months, Boston will recruit local schools, reserve facilities, identify the volunteers required to host the event and implement his Young Athletes event. By exposing the younger generations to Unified Sports and enabling teachers to create inclusive programs in their own schools, Boston is ensuring the continual growth of the Unified Generation.