Fighting Discrimination with Judo

Jorge and Maria are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Brazil who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Jorge and Maria will lead a Youth Innovation Project that will spread respect, cooperation, and inclusive leadership through judo. Jorge and Maria will hold practices twice a week and organize a community showcase, a competition, and a belt examination. Participants will not only learn the sport of judo, but its philosophy of staying composed in confrontational and frustrating situations.


Over the course of six months, Jorge and Maria hope to increase the number of participants in the judo program by 40% and identity 10 new Youth Leaders to continue making change in their community. Jorge and Maria will create a Unified Sports environment where everyone can learn and grow together as athletes and as people, regardless of ability of disability. By growing their judo program and training new Youth Leaders, Jorge and Maria are empowering the Unified Generation to fight discrimination and stigmatization in their community.



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