Floorball for Fun

Ana and Carlos are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador who are leading a Youth Innovation Project to introduce Unified floorball in El Salvador. With the introduction of this new Unified Sports activity, Ana and Carlos aim to engage new Special Olympics Youth Leaders and expand current Unified Sports programming at their school and other schools in their area.


Ana and Carlos decided to introduce Unified floorball because they have seen the impact that team sports have on youth of all ages. They have seen sports help foster companionship and communication between team members and assist in making connections that will last long after the sports competition is over. With floorball as a new Unified Sport in El Salvador, they are excited to see how students participate in the event and their reaction to the new opportunity. Ana and Carlos hope floorball will lead to many days of engaging sport and a lifetime of inclusion.


To create a competition with the new sport, Ana and Carlos will begin by inviting families to compete against each other in floorball. Unified partners and Special Olympics athletes will team up with other members of their family and engage in a mini tournament. As the project expands, Ana and Carlos will recruit teams of all youth and invite their families to cheer them on from the stands.


With its initial focus on families, Ana and Carlos’s project will empower family members to become the voice of inclusion. Through Unified floorball, Ana and Carlos believe they will be able to shape the future of the Unified Generation and inspire young people and families to generate friendship and become representatives of inclusion. With their leadership, the Unified Generation will grow in El Salvador and beyond.







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