Forming Leaders to Change the World

Casandra and Carla are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Argentina who will lead a Youth Innovation Project titled “Forming Leaders to Change the World” that will train, Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities in becoming inclusive leaders in their communities. After participating in activities and training sessions led by specialists from the area, the youth will be prepared to be messengers of inclusion, Special Olympics, the power of Unified Sports and inclusive leadership across Argentina.


Over the course of six months, Casandra and Carla will train 50 new Youth Leaders and share the outcome of their project through local radio shows, a digital magazine and social media. Casandra and Carla see inclusive leadership as the driving force into a future of acceptance and support and their project will give the new leaders the tools they need to succeed. By training new Youth Leaders and spreading the message of Special Olympics, Casandra and Carla are empowering the Unified Generation and giving everyone the opportunity to put their vision in action.