Fostering Inclusion through Unified Sports

Kritis and Al were named Innovators of the Week! Click here to hear more about their story and the impact they are making in their community.


Kritis and Al Sayyed are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from the island nation of Mauritius who are determined to create more opportunities for inclusion in their community. For their Youth Innovation Project, Kritis and Al Sayyed will work together to create a fun recreational activity for young people with and without intellectual disability to enjoy together!


Kritis and Al Sayyed will bring together young people from various schools in Mauritius to participate in Unified activities such as a tug of war, Zumba, egg races and painting along with sports such as bocce. Through these Unified activities, Kritis and Al Sayyed will be able to promote awareness about intellectual disabilities and plant the seeds of an inclusive environment in Mauritius. They believe that these Unified activities can create a sense of belonging and build a community where differences don’t create barriers.


Kritis and Al Sayyed are excited to be part of the Unified Generation in Mauritius and around the world. They are excited to help spread the Special Olympic mission and do their part to help create a more inclusive future!