Friends Working to Build the Unified Generation

Tamarah and Ravu are friends and Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Papua New Guinea leading an initiative to grow Special Olympics in their community by recruiting new Special Olympics youth volunteers. In September 2018, Tamarah and Ravu participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan to learn how to enhance the impact of their youth leadership and establish a project plan for their recruitment initiative.


Through their project, Tamarah and Ravu aim to recruit between 50-100 new volunteers by collaborating with numerous schools in their community. By reaching out to schools and youth, Tamarah and Ravu aim to create more opportunities for inclusion in local schools and broader participation in Unified Sports.


Tamarah and Ravu both have siblings with intellectual disabilities. When Tamarah saw her sister bullied in school, she was inspired to “create more awareness for inclusion for people with intellectual disability.” Ravu understands that being the sibling of a person with intellectual disabilities comes with both benefits and also challenges. She wants to share her sister’s story and create more inclusion in her community. Together, Tamarah and Ravu hope to end bullying and discrimination and teach their peers to “to understand, respect and include all people.”


Tamarah and Ravu are excited to work together as leaders of the Unified Generation, as being part of the global Unified Generation is extremely important to both of them. To Tamarah and Ravu, the Unified Generation means being agents of change and making a difference for inclusion in their school and community. As leaders of the Unified Generation, Tamarah and Ravu are creating inclusion in Papua New Guinea and inspiring inclusion around the world.






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