Growing a Network of Inclusion

Luca is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Germany with plans to establish an inclusive network of youth leaders from across Germany to bring them together for an “Inclusive Network Meeting.” This meeting will aim to bring together young leaders to gain knowledge and tools to help the inclusive movement in their own regions. In September 2018, Luca participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan to learn how to enhance the impact of youth leadership and establish a project plan for his initiative.


As a participant at the Forum, Luca also learned about the importance of including others in the Unified Generation who may not yet have had the opportunity to interact with Special Olympics athletes. By organizing this “Inclusive Network Meeting” he hopes to increase the amount of inclusive programming in local communities throughout Germany. By providing tools and information to support  youth leaders, Luca will help  them understand their role in inclusive activities across the country.


Over the next year, Luca will be planning the “Inclusive Network Meeting” by collecting financial resources, creating the agenda, setting up the logistics, and – of course – hosting the meeting itself.  The meeting will include a panel of experts that will focus on best practices needed for youth leadership projects as well as sessions on the roles that youth leaders can take in their own communities. Following the meeting, Luca hopes to conduct evaluations with each youth leader to improve potential follow-up meetings. By educating youth leaders, Luca hopes to build a network of youth leaders within  Special Olympics and to grow the Unified Generation in Germany and beyond.






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