Growing Gardens and Inclusion in El Salvador

Wendy and Guillermo are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador. Together, Wendy and Guillermo will lead a Youth Innovation Project focused on solving the problem of deforestation in their community by creating teams of youth with and without intellectual disabilities to plant gardens at homes and community centers. While the project emphasizes sustainability, it will create lifelong bonds between those with and without intellectual disabilities, engage the whole community, and pave the way for the Unified Generation.


Over the course of twelve months, Wendy and Guillermo will create their gardening program by reaching out to local companies for support and will educate their community about people with intellectual disabilities. Wendy and Guillermo will hold four gardening workshops within the community, engaging 200 young people. They hope to make over 13,000 social media impressions with their project. Through this project, Wendy and Guillermo are not just growing gardens, but also growing the Unified Generation.