Growing Inclusive Youth Leadership in Arizona

Jo and Josie are Special Olympic Youth Leaders from Arizona who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to empower youth and adults in Unified Schools, spread the message of inclusion, and raise money to support Unified Sports and other Special Olympics activities. In September 2018, Jo and Josie participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned valuable skills to prepare them to implement their project in Arizona.


Jo and Josie will organize and host a Youth Leadership Summit to promote youth leadership, whole school engagement and Unified Sports and provide participating youth the training they need to be inclusive youth leaders and agents of change for inclusion in their schools and communities.


Jo and Josie’s project will help promote inclusion and acceptance in the Phoenix High School District and also support the growth of Unified Sports with a fundraiser to support local Special Olympics programming. Jo and Josie are committed to ending the discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities by gathering and empowering inclusive youth leaders. With Jo and Josie’s leadership, the Unified Generation will continue to grow in Phoenix and around the world.