Growing the Plan to Include

Sara and Ina are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Albania leading a Youth Innovation Project to launch the second phase of "Plan to Include,” a project to expand inclusive programming at Unified Schools in Albania. In the first phase of their project, Sara and Ina made great progress in the cities of Durres, Elbasan and Tirana. Now moving into the second phase, Sara and Ina will expand their work to the Albanian cities Shkodra and Vlora to recruit and empower more youth leaders to drive the Unified Generation in Albania.


Through a series of seminars, trainings, workshops, campaigns, Sara and Ina will target high school and university students with and without intellectual disabilities to recruit as local leaders for inclusion through sport. Through these trainings, the recruited youth leaders will learn how to organize and host Unified Sports activities and engage more schools as Unified Schools. With resources from Special Olympics International such as the Unified Sports Guide for Schools and Youth and the Unified Sports Coaching Guides for Basketball and Football, Sara and Ina will provide other youth leaders with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to bring Unified Sports to schools in Shkodra and Vlora. They will also complement these global tools with a resource they developed themselves during the first phase of their project, the “Practical Guide Towards Inclusion.”


Sara and Ina plan to strengthen the relationship between youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities and their classmates by organizing Unified Sports activities and inclusive fun days. Through Sara and Ina’s leadership, the Unified Generation is growing into more cities in Albania and around the world.