Growing the Unified Generation in Schools

Marie and Victor are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Senegal who plan to grow Special Olympics programming and bring Unified Sports to more schools in their country. Through their Youth Innovation Project, Marie and Victor will use the bonds created through sport to unite students, educators and local authorities around the Special Olympics mission to create an inclusive community for all people. They plan to host Unified Sports activities twice a week including basketball, football (soccer), and table tennis.


Marie values the way that sport brings people together and hopes that Unified Sports will create strong friendships between participants with and without intellectual disability through the new experiences they will have together as they “share activities, objectives and challenges.” Victor sees this project as an opportunity to help facilitate inclusion in the broader community. The project is a “way to work on inclusion and to fight discrimination and inequity.”


Marie and Victor are excited to work together as part of a global Unified Generation. Marie values the way that Unified Generation “gives equal opportunities to every member of the community.” And Victor reminds everyone that “Together, we can do a lot of things.” As leaders of the Unified Generation, Marie and Victor are creating inclusion in Senegal and inspiring inclusion around the world.