Growing the Unified Generation through Leadership and Sport

Laura and Ana are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Romania leading a Youth Innovation Project growing the Unified Generation in schools in the cities of Bucharest and Targoviste. Laura and Ana will invite a group of leaders with and without intellectual disabilities to represent their school on an inclusive youth leadership team. Together, these eight individuals will educate their classmates and teachers about Unified Sports and ways to create a more inclusive society. Laura, Ana and the other youth leaders will lead activities that demonstrate Unified Sports and the power of inclusive youth leadership. In September, Laura and Ana attended the Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan to learn more about the most impactful methods of inclusion. 


In addition to recruiting and training their peers as youth leaders, Laura and Ana will also lead two seminars specifically for teachers of mainstream schools. At each of these seminars, the inclusive youth leadership team will describe the impact and benefits of an inclusive education.


Through training and participation in Unified Sports, Laura and Ana are confident that other youth will be excited to participate in the Unified Generation. By educating students and teachers about the positive impact of social inclusion in schools, Laura and Ana’s leadership is growing the Unified Generation in Romania and beyond. 








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