Growing Unified Schools in Attica, Greece

Ionnis and Iasonas are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Greece who are partnering with Special Olympics Hellas (Greece) to introduce Unified Sports to five schools in their community, the Attica region of Greece. In September 2018, Ionnis and Iasonas participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned about the power of Unified Sports and the impact it can have in their home country.


Ionnis and Iasonas are committed to share the impact that Unified Sports has had on their lives and create opportunities for other youth to have a similarly transformative experience. As they travel from school to school, they hope to recruit additional students to participate in Unified Sports and also train additional youth leaders who can implement the inclusive programming at their schools.


Working together with their mentor and Special Olympics Hellas, Ionnis and Iasonas hope to increase participation in Unified Sports amongst the young people in the Attica region. Together, they are committed to engaging new Unified Schools, training new Youth Leaders, and growing the number of participants, volunteers, and partners for Special Olympics Hellas. Through leadership of Ionnis, Iasonas, and their peers around the world, the Unified Generation is growing in the Attica region, throughout Greece, and beyond.






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