Growing Unified Schools in Mexico

Carlos and Fernando are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Mexico leading a Youth Innovation Project to increase youth involvement in the Special Olympics movement by engaging more schools as Unified Schools. Through their project, Carlos and Fernando are committed to reaching more young people and sharing with them the importance of inclusion and the power of Unified Sports.


As they lead their project, Carlos and Fernando will visit schools across Mexico and encourage them to become Unified Schools by participating in Unified Sports and inclusive youth leadership activities. While on these campuses, Carlos and Fernando will be leading trainings and workshops for youth to describe to them the importance of inclusion and what it means to be Unified. Their goal in these school visits and trainings is to assist other youth in obtaining the leadership skills needed to lead events for inclusion and empower them to create inclusive sports programs that students on campus will want to participate in. Through their outreach, Carlos and Fernando will recruit more schools to participate as Unified Schools.


Carlos and Fernando are excited to grow the number of youth leaders involved in the Unified Generation and to empower more schools to become more inclusive through the Unified Schools initiative. With the leadership of Carlos and Fernando, the Unified Generation will continue to grow in Mexico and around the world.






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