Growing Unified Sports

Ulemu and Charity are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Malawi who are setting out to increase Unified Sports in schools across their country. Their Youth Innovation Project will consist of a training program intended to teach the population about the realities of intellectual disability and the work of Special Olympics. They hope to travel to different schools and use this program to teach about inclusion. After their training session, they plan to hold a Unified Sports match and establish a Unified Sports team at the school. The ultimate goal is to create a league of Unified Sports clubs at schools throughout the country to host competitions against each other and create a national community of inclusion.


Ulemu and Charity hope that sport will help their peers without intellectual disabilities gain a better understanding of their peers with ID, thereby creating a more accepting and inclusive community. Ulemu, after facing discrimination because of his disability, is excited to be able to contribute to this project to break down the societal stigmas against intellectual disability. Charity is excited to be a part of the Unified Generation that is creating a world where people of all abilities are equals. Together, this youth pair will create more accepting communities and inclusive environments in schools in Malawi.