Harnessing Teachers and Administrators to Create More Inclusive Schools

Olivia is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Chile who participated in the 2019 Special Olympics Latin America Family and Sibling Workshop. Olivia will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to make schools more inclusive for youth with intellectual disabilities. By using what she has learned in her personal life, Olivia hopes to expand programming at existing Unified Schools, as well as identify new Youth Leaders, in order to create a more positive environment for youth with intellectual disabilities in her community.  


Over a twelve-month period, Olivia hopes to raise awareness and sensitivity for teachers and administrators at existing Unified Schools with the goal of enhancing the student experience for youth with intellectual disabilities. Olivia believes that by starting with existing school leaders, a nurturing approach to improving the treatment of students with intellectual disabilities will spread throughout the school. Olivia will encourage six Unified Schools in her area to participate in her project and she will identify 30 new Youth Leaders. Olivia will work with student leaders to create a practical approach to foster relationships that are more meaningful and greater understanding about how to create inclusive classrooms and an overall inclusive school environment for all students.