Health and Wellness in Albania

Ina and Agjellos are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Albania who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to promote healthy lifestyles for Special Olympics athletes in their community. Ina and Agjellos will create a physical education program emphasizing fine motor skills and healthy living. After debuting their Unified program in their own school, Ina and Agjellos will expand their program to five other Albanian schools in their area and translate their program, sending it to Special Olympics to be used in other Special Olympics Programs around the world.


Over the course of six months, Ina and Agiellos’s program will involve over 150 youth with and without intellectual disabilities and transform five schools to have a greater emphasis on inclusion and personal wellness. They will hold workshops and seminars to ensure that their plan implemented successfully and will create a package to share with other Programs who wish to implement their ideas. Ina and Agjellos plan to continue their work after the grant period is over and spread their program to schools across the world, promoting a healthier Unified Generation in Albania.