Include Me As I Am: A Campaign For Inclusive Schools

Jessica and Marie are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Cote d’Ivoire who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to research the barriers that prevent some Youth with intellectual disabilities from attending school. Based on their findings, Jessica and Marie will develop strategies for inclusion in their schools and communities and encourage Youth Leaders to take action in

support of Unified Schools. In doing so, Jessica and Marie hope to create a community in which those with and without intellectual disabilities respect and appreciate one another.


Over the course of three months, Jessica and Marie will work to gather their data and research. They will then present their findings to leaders of education in Cote d’Ivoire and execute the “Include Me as I Am” campaign in order to bring awareness and create change in their community. Through their efforts, Jessica and Marie plan to create 12 new Unified Sports Clubs, 10 new Unified Champion Schools, and over one thousand social media impressions. Jessica and Marie will harness the power of their social campaign to create tangible change so that every young person in the community can attend school and be accepted as they are.