Inclusion in Mexico through Unified Sports and Unified School

Keila and Mayra are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Mexico who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Together as a Unified pair, Keila and Mayra will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to increase Unified Sports in their Region. Inspired by the absence of opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities to interact with those without intellectual disabilities due to a lack of Unified Schools, Keila and Mayra will promote inclusion using Unified Sports and by petitioning schools in their community to become Unified Schools. In doing so, Keila and Mayra believe they will be able to increase awareness and understanding between those with and without intellectual disabilities, which will ultimately lead to friendships and inclusion.


Over the course of six months, Keila and Mayra will train with other Youth Leaders around Mexico, speak at conferences and at schools to increase awareness and inclusion, advocate for the creation of two new Unified Schools, and found two new Unified Sports Clubs. Keila and Mayra will highlight their friendship as a testament to the power of inclusion and they hope their message will spread throughout Mexico.