Inclusion On and Off the Track

Landon and David are Special Olympic Youth Leaders from North Carolina who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to engage more schools in Unified track and field and develop the quality of Unified Sports coaching in their community. In September 2018, Landon and David participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to enhance the impact of Unified Sports to execute their project back home in North Carolina.


Through their project, Landon and David will newly engage four schools in Unified track and field in addition to two other local schools that have previously participated. Landon and David will recruit schools to participate by hosting informational dinner events at each school where Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners can share their experiences and encourage these schools to participate in Unified track and field.


Throughout this project, Landon and David will monitor practices and competitions and provide support as needed to ensure that all participants have a high quality sport experience. Landon and David will also provide resources and access to training to help the teams’ coaches develop the skills that they will need to be successful. Landon and David’s leadership on and off the track is spreading the message of inclusion and growing the Unified Generation in North Carolina and beyond.






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