Inclusion through Sport

Tamarah named Innovator of the Week! Click here to hear more about her story and the impact she is making in her community.


Tamarah and Ravu are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Papua New Guinea whose Youth Innovation Project will bring the spirit of inclusion to their school. Tamarah and Ravu will work with their sports teacher, four Special Olympics coaches, and six Special Olympics athlete leaders to host a four-week inclusive sports program in their school with badminton, football, volleyball, and basketball.


The main goal for this project is to raise awareness about Special Olympics and those with intellectual disabilities. Before starting the program, Tamarah and Ravu will host a session describing the mission of Special Olympics, demonstrating the importance of disability awareness, and igniting a passion for more youth to be part of the Unified Generation. By involving athlete leaders into the project, young people will be able to familiarize themselves and be involved with Special Olympics athletes not only in their school, but in other communities as well. Through this project, young people will learn more about respect, inclusion, and the importance of treating everyone fairly, regardless of ability. As the first two individuals to start a project like this in their school, Tamarah and Ravu are excited about introducing a new program and hope students continue to volunteer with Special Olympics after their program is over.


Tamarah and Ravu are the school leaders of today and community leaders of tomorrow. They understand that they must be creative, innovative, and inclusive to make changes that will carry out through the future. As members of the Unified Generation, Tamarah and Ravu believe that getting involved and creating awareness for young people about intellectual disabilities are two of the most important aspects of living an inclusive lifestyle. Through the power of sports and dedication to bring their peers into the Unified Generation, Tamarah and Ravu are making a positive impact for inclusion in their school, their community, their country, and around the world.