Inclusive Camping in Chinese Taipei

Sih-Ting and Jie were named Innovators of the Week! Click here to learn more about their story and the impact they are making in their community.


Sih-Ting and Jie are youth leaders working in Chinese Taipei to help expand programming at current Unified Schools. To do this, Sih Ting and Jie will be engaging an inclusive group of youth leaders in a Unified camping experiencing. They are partnering with the National Chiayi Special School on this event.


During the Unified camping experience, there will be several opportunities for participants to learn about the importance of inclusion, learn skills to amplify the impact of our Unified message, and build friendships.


Sih-Ting and Jie gained experience by attending an Inclusive Youth Leadership Training hosted by Special Olympics Chinese Taipei. Through this training, they were given the skills and ideas necessary to come up with this project plan. Sih-Ting and Jie will be leading all aspects of this project together, and look forward to seeing the impact that they are able to have on their community.






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