Inclusive Carpentry in El Salvador

Diego and Andres are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create an inclusive learning experience in their local school. Diego and Andres hope to bring students with and without intellectual disabilities together by creating an environment where students have the opportunity to express themselves and learn from one another in a carpentry workshop. By doing so, this project will give students the chance to learn a new skill in an inclusive learning environment.


Over the course of six months, Diego and Andres will gather and train students on how promote an inclusive culture in their community. Diego and Andres hope to partner with local institutions to gather the space and resources necessary to support three workshops. During these workshops, students with intellectual disabilities will teach students without intellectual disabilities fundamental carpentry skills. At the end, all students will gather to show off their creations in a final exhibition. By giving students with and without disabilities a space to come together for collaboration and inclusive learning, Diego and Andres are empowering their peers to lead the Unified Generation by fostering inclusive friendships.