Inclusive Classrooms in El Salvador

Alessia and Fabiola are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create inclusive classrooms at their local University. Alessia, a student studying special education, designed this project with her Unified partner, Fabiola, after Fabiola shared how hurtful it was that Alessia’s classes at the local University seemed inaccessible for people with intellectual disabilities. Alessia and Fabiola, with the support of the University, decided to develop inclusive classrooms, open for all.


Over the course of six months, Alessia and Fabiola will work with special education professors to develop a curriculum that promotes social-emotional learning. Alessia and Fabiola then plan to train institutions and their faculty partners on how to best implement their curriculum in an inclusive classroom to ensure this opportunity is available for years to come. Alessia and Fabiola hope that participating students with and without disabilities will experience the power of an inclusive classroom and be inspired to advocate for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities within all education settings.