Inclusive Opportunities in Kenya

Andrew and Pius are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Kenya who are working to increase the reach of the Unified Generation by expanding programming at current Unified Schools and engaging new Special Olympics Youth Leaders. Andrew and Pius will complement ongoing Unified Sports activities at these schools with vocational and leadership skill development through inclusive training in handicraft making.


This project will not only empower the youth participants to develop skills, but also create opportunities for youth with and without intellectual disabilities to come together and strengthen their relationships in an inclusive environment. With these skills, relationships, and examples of social inclusion, Andrew, Pius, and their peers will provide a model for more inclusive communities in local schools and enrich the ongoing Unified Sports activity.


Andrew and Pius believe that inclusive vocational training not only provides valuable skills and leadership experience, but also demonstrates the inclusive world that young people can create through skill development, sport, and other activities. With leadership from Andrew and Pius, the Unified Generation is growing in Kenya and around the world.






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