Inclusive Peer Education in El Salvador

Rebeca and Mimi are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador who will lead a Youth Innovation Project that brings together students from non-integrated schools for a day of Unified learning. Students will be encouraged to teach the other participants a subject they enjoy, in a creative and inclusive way. In doing so, Rebeca and Mimi hope to highlight the importance of Unified Schools programming and encourage friendships between Youth with and without intellectual disabilities.


With the help of local institutions, Rebeca and Mimi will gather and train Youth Leaders on how to best serve their peers with intellectual disabilities. Once their training is complete, the Youth Leaders will serve as teachers and peer tutors in integrated classrooms, forming bonds between students with and without intellectual disabilities. By leading this inclusive classroom environment, Rebeca and Mimi’s project will equip students with and without disabilities with the tools and experiences they need to be the leaders of the Unified Generation.