Inclusive Sport for All

Sebastian and Stefan are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Austria who will be launching “Sports for All,” a project that will allow athletes with all forms of intellectual disabilities to participate in Unified events in their home country. In September 2018, Sebastian and Stefan attended the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan to learn how to enhance the impact of their youth leadership and establish a project plan for their initiative.


Sebastian and Stefan plan to spread Unified Sports through a series of trainings and seminars for teachers, coaches, and other youth leaders to teach about inclusive sport and ways to promote active and personal contact amongst all of the participants. In addition to this, Sebastian and Stefan want to explore connections with neighboring countries to further develop Unified programming.  By establishing relationships with youth leaders in countries such as Italy, Luxemburg, or Germany, they can form joint tournaments, trainings and exchange programs.


Over the next year, Sebastian and Stefan will conduct seminars to educate teachers, coaches and youth leaders about Unified Sports and the impact it has on all participants with and without intellectual disabilities. As a result of these seminars, Sebastian and Stefan will be able to create Unified Sport tournaments, including indoor football (soccer), volleyball, and basketball. By educating teachers, coaches and trainers about Unified sports, Sebastian and Stefan are growing the Unified Generation movement in Austria and beyond.