Inclusive Youth Football in Montenegro

Mirko and Darija are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Montenegro who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to increase the number of opportunities for youth with and without intellectual disabilities to become involved in sports and leadership activities in their local area. By increasing opportunities for all youth to work together, Mirko and Darija will equip their peers with the experiences and skills they need to be leaders of inclusion in their community.


Over the course of six months, Mirko and Darija will work with four local schools to train sixteen students as Youth Leaders. Together, these Youth Leaders will grow the presence of Special Olympics in their school by recruiting new members, volunteers, athletes, and Unified Partners to participate in their Unified Club events. With the help of these participants, each Unified School will create their own Unified football team, which will compete against one another. Mirko and Darija also plan to utilize the help of school faculty and staff by holding workshops and creating resource kits on how to best support their student efforts. By engaging students and adults with and without intellectual disabilities, Mirko and Darija will be leading their Unified Generation with the help of their entire community.