Inclusive Youth Leadership in Every Region

Simona and Gintare are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Lithuania leading a Youth Innovation Project to recruit and empower new youth leaders from throughout the country to create a network that will propel the Unified Generation forward. Simona and Gintare believe that by spreading the message of inclusion, they can activate the youth community across the country.


Through their project, Simona and Gintare will spread the message of inclusion to the eight regions within Lithuania. They aim to identify and train at least one Special Olympics Youth Leader from each region of Lithuania to support local youth activation by creating new activities and events for nearby youth to participate in.


Simona and Gintare were inspired to lead their project by a Special Olympics athlete who currently sits on the Special Olympics Lithuania board as a youth representative. They want to channel this athlete’s passion and invite him to serve on their youth activation committee to provide insightful information and ideas.


With their project expanding to all regions of Lithuania, Simona and Gintare are confident they will be able to turn these ideas into a reality. By hosting special events and workshops to train and empower, Simona and Gintare are leading a movement that will ignite the Unified Generation in Lithuania and beyond.







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