Introducing Unified Judo in Cyprus

Kyriakos and Isabella are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Cyprus who attended the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Together, Kyriakos and Isabella will introduce Judo, an officially recognized Special Olympics sport, to their home program of Special Olympics Cyprus. Kyriakos and Isabella selected Judo as the sport to implement because they feel it is a sport that values confidence, self-discipline, self-management, and self-respect; all attributes they want to cultivate in the Special Olympics athletes they are working with.


Over the course of a year, Kyriakos and Isabella will introduce Judo to Special Olympics athletes across Cyprus. They will host many training opportunities for the athletes as well as two demonstration days, where the Special Olympics athletes will participate to show the work they have done. Kyriakos and Isabella will also create the framework to include Judo in the Regional and National competitions with the hope that Cyprus will be able to send a representative to compete in Judo at the Special Olympics World Games. Kyriakos and Isabella will collaborate with schools in their community to create two new Unified Schools and two new Unified Champion Schools in the process. The self-assurance and independence taught to the Special Olympics athletes through Judo will help empower the Unified Generation.