Introducing Unified Netball

Fikile and Tsenolo are Special Olympics youth leaders from South Africa who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to introduce Unified netball to Special Olympics South Africa. Football and netball are two of the most popular sports in South Africa, and so Fikile and Tsenolo expect high participation rates, particularly among females. Fikile and Tsenolo will partner with local mainstream schools that are located near schools for people with intellectual disabilities to implement their plan.


Fikile is inspired by her experience as a sibling of a person with an intellectual disability. She has learned from her brother how to be more patient, understanding and accepting of all people. Fikile and Tsenolo hope that their project will create more inclusive communities in South Africa and raise awareness and support for Special Olympics.


Fikile and Tsenolo are excited to work together as part of the Unified Generation. Being a part of the Unified Generation is extremely important to both leaders. As leaders of the Unified Generation, Fikile and Tsenolo are creating inclusion in South Africa and inspiring inclusion around the world.