Joining the Unified Generation through Sport

Pyunggeol and Joon-hyung are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from the Republic of Korea who are joining the Unified Generation through sport. These two youth leaders recognize that countless students with intellectual disabilities are “suffering” through school physical education. class without opportunities for meaningful and fun participation in sport and fitness.


Pyunggeol and Joon-hyung took this observation and decided to make a positive change through their Youth Innovation Project. They plan to hold weekly 90-minute sessions throughout the school year that allow students with intellectual disability to grow their athletic abilities and fitness through fun and inclusive sports activities.


Pyunggeol and Joon-hyung’s project’s goals include the “development of special ability” for students with intellectual disabilities and “support for independence,” as well as the “improvement of recognition of disability inclusion” and the training of students without intellectual disabilities to be active participants in – and advocates for - inclusive sports.


There will be 24 sessions in total, and Pyunggeol and Joon-hyung strongly believe that their project will help youth with and without developmental disabilities in the local area to come together through physical activity.” In their words, spoken as true members of the Unified Generation, “Changing the awareness and understanding of disability is what we aim for.”