Leos and Special Olympics Working Together

Joel and Kelly are Special Olympic Youth Leaders from Malawi who are working to build partnerships with Leos Clubs and University Students to expand Special Olympics programming.


To expand the reach of Special Olympics in their community, Joel and Kelly will recruit Leos from local Universities and train them to advocate for inclusion within their respective Universities and recruit additional supporters. After the recruitment and orientation of the Leos, Joel and Kelly will lead the group to organize and host a Unified Sports festival inviting participants from local schools, universities, and corporate social teams. This event will introduce Unified Sports to many new participants with and without intellectual disability and promote inclusion in schools, universities and local workplaces.


With this project, Joel and Kelly will train and engage youth leaders to develop and implement awareness activities, promote inclusion at all levels, and change the mindset of local adult leaders such as employers. Through the leadership of Joel, Kelly, and Leos supporting Special Olympics around the world, the Unified Generation is growing in Malawi and beyond.