Life Skills for Independence and Inclusion

Tinotenda and Selassi are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Zimbabwe who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Tinotenda and Selassi will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to create the Empowerment and Mentorship Youth Exchange program where groups of young people from different areas will be able to meet, share ideas, and learn the skills and knowledge necessary to build an inclusive society. Participants will have the opportunity to experience other cultures and appreciate the value of diversity while learning life skills to increase independence.


Over the course of the next year, Tinotenda and Selassi will engage over 30 participants in the program, but their message of inclusion will reach hundreds more through interviews as they nationally promote their program and advocate for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. At the conclusion of the program, Tinotenda and Selassi hope that Youth Leaders and mentors will continue to meet bi-annually to connect and energize. Tinotenda and Selassi hope to inspire unity, optimism, and lifelong friendships with their exchange program. Tinotenda and Selassi’s leadership is helping empower more Youth Leaders to help grow the Unified Generation.