Making a Splash in Zimbabwe

Catherine and Jacqueline are siblings and Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Zimbabwe who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to introduce Unified swimming to Special Olympics Zimbabwe. The project will allow people with and without intellectual disabilities to learn swimming skills and practice them in competitions. Catherine and Jacqueline will also plan and implement fundraising events to support the development and sustainability of this project.


Catherine and Jacqueline were inspired by their brother who is a Special Olympics athlete. Catherine believes that “there are many young people with and without intellectual disabilities that desire to be given an opportunity to develop their swimming talents.” Jacqueline knows how Special Olympics can build confidence in people like her brother, and wants to help others see their talents. Catherine and Jacqueline believe that their project will motivate and inspire participants, teach valuable swimming skills, and develop a framework for future swimming initiatives in Special Olympics Zimbabwe.


Catherine and Jacqueline are excited to work together as part of the Unified Generation. To them, the Unified Generation means “everyone, regardless of disability, comes together” to overcome obstacles. As leaders of the Unified Generation, Catherine and Jacqueline are creating inclusion in Zimbabwe and inspiring inclusion around the world.






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