New Unified Schools in Cyprus

Mila and Vlad are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Cyprus who will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to increase the number of Unified Schools, increase the number of Special Olympics athletes, and raise awareness among students, teachers, and the local community for Unified Sports. Mila and Vlad dream of building an inclusive society, where youth with intellectual disabilities are respected and provided the same opportunities as others. Through their project, Mila and Vlad will work towards a more positive and Unified environment for youth with intellectual disabilities in Cyprus.


Over the course of twelve months, Mila and Vlad will implement their project, by launching a new Unified School. The Youth Leaders will set out to organize two Unified Sports days, as well as leadership and related workshops for students, educators, and administrators. The goal is to create a climate of inclusion, acceptance, respect, and human dignity for all students with and without intellectual disabilities. Mila and Vlad will engage 150 youth with and without intellectual disabilities and hope to expand programming at two Unified Schools and develop one new Unified School through their project.