New Unified Schools to Promote Inclusion

Petar and Darija were named Innovators of the Week. Click here to hear more about their story and the impact they are making on their community. 


Petar and Darija are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Montenegro who will lead a Youth Innovation Project with plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Education to create 5 new Unified Schools in 3 different municipalities in. Petar and Darija will work together to design workshops to bring to each new Unified School in order to present the mission of Special Olympics and teach about being part of the Unified Generation. 80 students will be selected to participate in the workshops and become Special Olympics Youth Leaders in their communities. There will then be a final selection where 10 of these young leaders will work closely with Special Olympics Montenegro to host annual activities and bring youth engagement programs to their schools.


Petar and Darija were inspired for their project by the struggles of students with intellectual disabilities. After witnessing the challenges these students face, Petar and Darija wanted to find a way to help them “feel accepted and safe.” They look forward to executing their project, knowing that it will make a lasting impact on the communities involved.


Petar and Darija are excited because “the project will provide opportunities for students with and without intellectual disability to participate in sport activities and to take on leadership roles.” Beyond their community, they are honored to be a part of the Unified Generation and plan to work hard to make inclusive environments for children with and without intellectual disability to grow up in that “promote respect, acceptance, and tolerance.”