Painting Inclusion across El Salvador

Diego and Manuel are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create inclusion through art by bringing together people with and without intellectual disabilities to paint a mural. The mural will spread the message of Special Olympics and allow the artists to reflect on and express what inclusion means to them in a unique, colorful and poignant way.


Over the course of six months, Diego and Manuel will have 20 artists with and without intellectual disabilities painting the mural and once it is completed, they will share their work on social media, hoping to create 15,000 social media impressions. The number of total impressions the mural will make, however, will be infinite because every person that walks by the mural in El Salvador will see the joy and importance of celebrating differences. By allowing people to share and express their creativity through art, Diego and Manuel are painting inclusion across El Salvador and empowering the Unified Generation.