Planting Trees and Friendships in Azerbaijan

MirGunay and Sabina are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Azerbaijan who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to increase inclusion of youth with intellectual disabilities through Unified activities. MirGunay and Sabina believe that hands-on activities are the ideal platform for self-confidence, friendship, teamwork, and fitness for youth with and without intellectual disabilities. The Youth Leaders will expand programming at current Unified Schools and engage new Youth Leaders to spread inclusivity among students at universities in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Over the course of three months, MirGunay and Sabina will recruit 20 new Youth Leaders, engage 120 youth with and without intellectual disabilities, and expand programming at six current Unified Schools. MirGunay and Sabina will partner with universities to develop workshops for students, parents, and government officials, aiming to raise awareness about Special Olympics programs. Through their project, MirGunay and Sabina hope to increase volunteerism, inclusion, and identify new Youth Leaders in hopes of establishing sustainable Unified programs in Azerbaijan.