Project “Parallel” in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amar and Edin are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina who will lead a Youth Innovation Project focused on increasing inclusive opportunities through Unified Sports and Unified art activities. Amar and Edin’s project will mobilize youth in their community to play a role in this project by training Youth Leaders to help them bring together individuals with and without disabilities. In doing so, Amar and Edin hope to provide an opportunity for their entire community to form lasting friendships and express themselves on and off the field.


Over the course of six months, Amar and Edin will recruit volunteers to help with their project by training peers as Youth Leaders. Together, these Youth Leaders will organize opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to express themselves through creating jewelry and decorations for their home. For those that prefer to play sports, Amar and Edin also plan to offer football, basketball, table tennis, and athletics. Through Amar and Edin’s project, youth with and without disabilities will have the chance to learn and grow together as they develop their athletic and creative skills.