Promoting Inclusion through Youth and Disability Awareness Week

Ella and Quinlan are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Tucson, Arizona who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to engage new Youth Leaders and spread awareness during Youth with Disabilities Awareness week at their school. Throughout the week, interactive activities will be held during both lunch periods to promote inclusion and acceptance of students with intellectual disabilities. During three of the activity days, Ella and Quinlan would like to invite two other high schools, two middle schools and two elementary schools on campus to join in on the activities and win prizes. By engaging their student body and other schools in the area in inclusive activities, Ella and Quinlan are ensuring the growth and sustainability of the Unified Generation.


Ella and Quinlan were inspired by the impact of previous school engagement projects. In 2018, their school raised hundreds of dollars for a local organization. Ella and Quinlan hope their project garners the same level of excitement. Ella and Quinlan are motivated by the continued support provided by their teachers and families and the valuable relationships they have made through inclusion. Over the course of six months, Ella and Quinlan will meet with school administrators, order custom t-shirts and prizes, reach out to disability organizations in their area, and promote the project on various platforms. Ella and Quinlan plan to partner with Family Career and Community Leaders of America to ensure that their project is sustained for many years to come