Promoting Positive School Climate in Cyprus

Andreas and Demetris are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Cyprus leading an initiative to create a school climate of inclusion through the engagement of students, educators, and administrators. In September 2018, Andreas and Demetris participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to enhance the impact of their youth leadership and establish a project plan for their inclusive initiative.


At the Forum, Andreas and Demetris felt that one area that needed improvement in their country was the connection between students and school administration in their joint work for inclusion. To address this, Andreas and Demetris plans to organize leadership workshops and Unified Sports events that involve people with and without intellectual disabilities. This project will empower all participants, especially students and the school administration, to try new things and to be engaged in inclusive activities.


Andreas and Demetris’ project aims to give people with intellectual disabilities the same opportunities as everyone else. These Unified Sports events will bring all students together, bring the opportunity of sport to individuals with intellectual disabilities, and create an inclusive school community. By educating others and creating a climate of inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities, Andreas and Demetris’ leadership is building the Unified Generation in Cyprus and beyond.






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