Promotional Videos for Unified Sports

Nemanja and Goran are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Serbia leading a Youth Innovation Project to engage new youth leaders through promotional videos about the impact that Special Olympics has on people of all abilities in Serbia. To create awareness, Nemanja and Goran will work with local celebrities and Special Olympics celebrity ambassadors to appear in the videos. While at the 2018 Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan this September, Nemanja and Goran developed more strategic plans for leading their project.


Once they have completed their videos, Nemanja and Goran will visit schools in their city to present them and invite students to participate in a youth forum. At the forum, participants who have Unified programming in their schools will share about their experience and provide information about the programming to youth who have not participated in Unified Sports. At the end of the forum, everyone will have the opportunity to engage in a Unified Sports activity together. Participants will be invited to create Unified Sports teams and compete in a mini-tournament. Nemanja and Goran are confident that this event will encourage participants to continue playing Unified Sports and invite others to join as well.


While students are the main audience for this project, Nemanja and Goran will also work with school directors to put the projects in motion and recruit mentors who can support students. Even after their forum concludes, Nemanja and Goran will continue working with participants to organize create a Unified Sports championship amongst participating schools and recreate the excitement shared at their first event. Through the leadership of Nemanja and Goran, the Unified Generation is growing in the schools of Serbia and beyond.






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