Reading for Inclusion in El Salvador

Valeria and Esmeralda are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from El Salvador who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to provide additional academic support to students with intellectual disabilities by holding reading workshops throughout their community. The workshops will reinforce reading and comprehension, teach important skills for school and everyday life, and foster coexistence between students with and without intellectual disabilities allowing the participants to form new friendships and meet new people.


Over the course of six months, Valeria and Esmeralda will hold several reading workshops creating one new Unified School and making 1,300 social media impressions. Valeria and Esmeralda will invite students from different schools, strengthening the community, supporting Special Olympics and creating connections across the Region. By holding reading workshops, Valeria and Esmeralda are empowering youth in their area and giving them the tools they need to succeed while growing the Unified Generation.