Recruiting Leaders of the Unified Generation

Petar and Darija are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Montenegro who will lead an initiative to recruit and empower ten more youth leaders from five schools in Montenegro. In September 2018, Petar and Darija participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to enhance the impact of their youth leadership and establish a project plan for their initiative.


At the Forum, Petar and Darija also learned about recruitment techniques and how to make their project more impactful by engaging more youth leaders. They plan to conduct meetings with each of the five schools asking for teachers to nominate students who are interested in leading an inclusive movement in their school. It is the hope of Petar and Darija that they will be able to recruit 80 total students with the help of these youth leaders from each of these 5 schools. From here, Petar and Darija will organize educational workshops to train and empower the new youth leaders. With the help from the teachers, Petar and Darija hope to recruit youth leaders to help create Unified activities and projects at their schools. 


In the coming months, Petar and Darija will visit each of the five schools twice to conduct meetings regarding potential youth leaders. These meetings will help the school management and teachers choose the students who are most interested in growing the Unified Generation. Petar and Darija will also organize workshops that will educate the youth leaders on Special Olympics and their new role in the inclusive movement in their schools. With the help of teachers, school management and the youth leaders, Petar and Darija’s workshops and education will help to grow the Unified Generation in schools and communities in Montenegro and beyond.






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