Recruiting New Youth Leaders to Join the Unified Generation

Monicah and Manzi are Special Olympics Youth Leader who are excited to engage schools and universities in their country of Rwanda to increase the inclusion of youth with and without intellectual disabilities in public activities. To do this, they will lead a Youth Innovation Project to expand Special Olympics activities by recruiting inclusive Youth Leaders through outreach to their schools. They are excited to encourage them to join the Unified Generation in inclusive health, inclusive sports and inclusive leadership. Both believe that the collaboration with primary, secondary and University students will help raise greater awareness for Special Olympics activities.


Monicah and Manzi recognized the large youth population in Rwanda and believes that the steps toward inclusion begin with the youth themselves. They feel strongly about increasing their passion for Special Olympics in order to allow its inclusive programming to grow. To them, being a part of the Unified Generation teaches each individual how to provide a change for friends with intellectual disabilities in order to showcase their talents, build their self-esteem, and ensure their inclusion in the community.


To reach more students, Monicah and Manzi will hold assemblies and talks in schools throughout Rwanda and organize campaigns about Unified activities. Through this project, both youth leaders hope to increase the number of youth leaders in the SO movement, thus building a Unified Generation of their own.