Sí se puede – Together, yes we can!

Rafel is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Peru who is leading a Youth Innovation Project titled, “Yes, You Can.” Rafel is a gold-medal-winning Special Olympics athlete and is excited to lead a project that will engage primary and secondary schools to engage in the Unified movement through inclusive sport and other activities.


Through his project, Rafel is committed to bringing the Unified movement to schools across Peru. When visiting schools, Rafel will share the importance of fostering Unified Sports events where people with and without intellectual disabilities can showcase their athletic talents and grow as leaders and friends. He will also promote how important the Unified Sports experience can be for both Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners. Rafel will also create a resource to bring with him on school visits that will describe various workshops and training sessions that individuals can lead to learn more about the Unified Generation. And Rafel will create opportunities for more young people to participate in Unified Sports by helping to start new Unified football (soccer) teams and finding an area between all schools where participants can practice and grow their sports skills together. Rafel's overall goal is to create a whole school Unified Sports experience and form relationships between students of all abilities.


By working with schools in Peru, Rafel aims to engage students, teachers, and the entire community. Families and other supporters will be highly encouraged to attend the games and competitions because, to Rafel, their support demonstrates the beautiful reality of the Unified movement. With Rafel’s leadership, the Unified Generation is growing in Peru and around the world with the goal to make a more inclusive future - as Rafel says, “All together, yes WE can!”






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