Science and Inclusion in Vietnam

Kien and Doan are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Vietnam who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to promote inclusion for children preparing to enter the first grade in inclusive public schools. Kien and Doan’s project includes a children’s science activity and a social skills workshop for the rising first graders, both aimed at demonstrating an inclusive learning process that the children can carry with them throughout their education and into adulthood.


Over the course of six months, Kien and Doan will engage 60 Youth Leaders from their Unified School in the planning of the science and social skills program, and they hope to engage over 50 of the rising first graders with and without intellectual disabilities. Kien and Doan will also create two new Unified Sports Clubs. Their program will occur twice a month, and Kien and Doan will work with two different Unified schools, ultimately bringing them together in the final program meeting to present their work and discuss their experiences with one another. Kien and Doan are inspiring a younger generation to grow up together in a Unified Generation.